My Vegan Skin Care Routine

My Vegan Skin Care Routine - #vegan #crueltyfree #ayushiwoods @Ayushiwoods

Ayushi’s Rose Garden Face Wash – Facial Glow Lotion – Aloe Vera Gel

It’s taken me a very long time to get to know my skin. I had acne all throughout my teens and I’ve tried an insane amount of different products and routines with varying amounts of success. I’d only just nailed down my “perfect” skin care routine and gotten my skin issues under control when we made the decision to go vegan, and of course, not a single one of the products in my skin care lineup was cruelty free. Ugh, isn’t that how it goes? Now we’ve been vegan for 3 years and I’ve got a collection of natural, vegan products that I love! I’ve finally got my skin under control naturally, it’s completely manageable and I no longer feel the need to wear a full face of makeup just to feel confident enough to leave the house. I’ve picked up a ton of tips throughout the years and I’m excited to share them!

So, here is my complete skin care routine and my top vegan skin care recommendations and tips!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ayushi, makers of high quality vegan skin care products that use natural, organic ingredients. After using these products for over 4 months now, Ayushi has seamlessly integrated itself into my skin care routine and I’m so happy to support such a quality cruelty-free brand!

Daily Routine:


I cleanse my face 1-2 times a day (morning and/or evening) using Ayushi’s Rose Garden Facial Wash. It works well for both cleansing and removing makeup. It’s potent stuff so I don’t need to use much, as with any cleanser it will be drying if you use too much or leave it on for too long. The pump is great because it only dispenses a little bit at a time so I never waste any of it. I use 3-4 pumps to remove makeup and just 1-2 for cleansing bare skin. I absolutely love using this stuff along with a konjac sponge – my skin feels so supple and clean afterwards. I’ve been using My Konjac Sponge’s french green clay facial sponge.

My Vegan Skin Care Routine - #vegan #crueltyfree #ayushiwoods @Ayushiwoods

Ayushi’s Organic Facial Glow Lotion with the goodness of almond & raspberry.


After cleansing, I gently towel dry my face (dab, don’t rub!) and moisturize immediately using 2 pumps of Ayushi’s Facial Glow Lotion. This is my favourite lightweight moisturizer ever. You can read all my gushing about this wonderful product in this post. After moisturizing I apply a layer of beeswax-free lip balm (in the evening, I make that a nice thick layer of balm.) I’ve been using Hurraw! and S.W. Basics for vegan lip balms….

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